2017 / LINE / Product Designer

Disco is an independent content curation service from LINE. It allows users to organize News Feeds in detail according to their interests. I participated in this project as the main UI and interaction designer.


Originally, LINE had a News Feed feature called the Timeline, designed as a community service among users. However, it turned into an advertisement place for paid-account users. We tried to encourage users to upload more content to be shared, but they were reluctant to do so as LINE was used among friends and family members. Therefore, a decision was made to create an independent app for the News Feed feature.

Additionally, our team discovered a need to separate everyday feed from suggested contents even from the Facebook algorithm. Diagram below explains how Disco positioned itself among existing services.


Improving News Feed experience by providing means to manage users’ interest index.

Onboarding Quiz

To analyze users’ initial interests, an onboarding quiz interfaced was delicately designed with an up/down main interaction. Such interaction can change the users’ Interest Map regarding certain topics.

Interest Map

When a user’s Interest Map is expanded, they can access a list of different users who share the same interests. Then, we encourage the user to be exposed to more content by following others. Our team went through diverse design interactions to find the “right” information structure.

3 types of interest map 

Transition between Keywords and People
Originally, the Interest Map handled two sets of interests: Topics and People. For a smooth transition between these two, I came up with high-fidelity prototypes using a swipe action. After going through tests and reviews, we decided to remove Topics – Keywords – from the Interest Map and moved it to the setting.

Final Version
Users can now find others who share the same interests and get notifications whenever there is a significant change to their Interest Map.

Disco AI Status  

As you can see above, the real identity of Disco is within its living Artificial Intelligence. I designed nine different animated-states for the users to see – users can check the status of Disco without reading written notifications.

9 states of Disco
All 9 states of Disco needed to be implemented in a coded form – not as linear sequences because they had to transform into different status dynamically.


Shortly after its beta release, we received quite a lot of positive feedback about the concept. Celebrities in Korea also started to use Disco, which helped to create a strong fandom. Disco was officially released to iOS & Androids market in May 2017. Download links are added below.