Design Table

2017 / Personal / Identity & Motion  

Design Table is a podcast mainly targeting digital designers in Korea. Our goal was to invite rookie designers. We wanted to deliver divergent and dynamic aspects of the current design field without any limitations. I am the founder, co-host, and the designer of this show.

Final Identity 

Identity Journey

I began with the bold character of D and T, and the shape of a round table and a three-dimensional table with abstract shapes.

Early Identity Exploration 




Cover Image

Episode 1-10 Cover Image Highlight


Design Table is a side project for me with a growing design community Design Spectrum in Korea. As of today, it is NO.1 design-related podcast in the IT industry in Korea, and surprisingly, its design also caught the eyes of many people. It’s been introduced by AIGA, and featured by Behance as the project of the day.