Emoji LINE

2016 / LINE  / Product Designer


Emoji LINE is a third-party Keypad app for iOS including free LINE emojis. This project was one of the few trials to expand LINE into the US market. Our goal was to be recognized as an iMessage sticker, and eventually, lead the users to download and use LINE. Another challenge was to release the Emoji LINE in a month.


This app itself doesn’t need to use core feature. Instead, it should let user clearly how to enable Emoji LINE Keypad from the setting.


Despite several positive feedbacks from the users, the conversion rate to downloading LINE was lower than we expected. Here are some ideas about why we couldn't make it :

Why did we fail?
1. The Copy & Paste interaction is too much to send a simple emoji.
2. Users do NOT change their communication platforms only to use free stickers.
3. LINE Characters are way too cute for western users.


Our team’s aggressive approach to move forward in three months was recorded was ‘the fastest project’ among all the projects ever launched in LINE. This trial encouraged many designers and developers to work faster, conduct more tests, and to fail without unnecessary hesitations.